Ahmadiyya Muslims’ services commended as very helpful


THE Ahmadiyya Muslims of Tanzania today mark 50 years of their services to Tanzanians by holding a general meeting in Msongola Ward in Ilala, Dar es Salaam.

The leader of the Ahmadiyya Community in Tanzania, Sheikh Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry, told reporters in Dar es Salaam yesterday that they have invited President John Magufuli to grace the grand meeting during which they are expected to take stock of their services and other achievements recorded over the years.

Sheikh Chaudhry said the Ahmadiyya Community has to prove its mettle only through service to the Tanzanian mankind in a very broad spectrum, in the spiritual realm, the intellectual realm, the social realm, the ideological realm and the material realm.

“We have constructed schools, hospitals and a television station, apart from many services in terms of relief aid and rescue operations,” he noted.

They community’s golden jubilee, according to him, has been very beneficial to the communities in Tanzania in spiritual, education, health, technology and communication spheres, while at the same time providing employment and human relief to many Tanzanians.

Citing an example, Sheikh Chaudhry said his community supplied free medicines to help the people affected by floods in Ulanga and Kilombero districts of Morogoro Region in 2017.

“The community in Morogoro swiftly reacted in supplying free medicines to help the flood stricken people under officer in charge of the Ahmadiyya health centre, Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Sharif, who had made preparations to send qualified staff who provided medical aid to the victims,” he said.

Earlier, Sheikh Chaudhry said the community had been meeting every year with the aim of reminding one another of the right foundations of the Holy Quran and promoting their brotherhood.

He said this year’s meeting had brought together over 6,000 people from across Mainland Tanzania and Isles.

There were also guests from the UK, Canada, Rwanda, Uganda, Germany, Kenya, Burundi, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Sheikh Chaudhry has also been reminding the faithful over principles of Islam and strengthening brotherhood.